5 Ways to Style That Kimono Sitting in Your Closet

Kimonos are here to stay and we loved! They’re the perfect thing to wear on a summer day that’s not too hot, or a spring-fall day that’s not too cold.


Ok, now this is so important: if you think they’re only   appropriate for music festivals, think again:

Kimonos can we worn with anything in your closet, from skinny  jeans and heels or layered over a mini dress for some  serious ’70s vibes.




Don't be afraid to accessorize. If you're heading outdoors, thoughtfully choose ahead that complements the kimono.

A Night-Out Look

Perfect for a night out, layer a kimono over a sexy, strapless top and pair with jeans and some heels



In the summer, kimonos work really well with shorts, a plain tank and a pair of sandals.


Be mindful of your color scheme. Keep more muted, pastel colors together.

Crop-Top Kimono

A good idea for YOU is a crop top look that's totally appropriate for brunch on the weekend.



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